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Can you still make a Flat Cap in Yorkshire?

In 2010 costume designer Rhian Kempadoo Millar was studying Millinery at Leeds College of Art.

One of the modules was about sustainability and Rhian began to explore the local textiles industry within her home town of Yorkshire in the North of England. She realised that in the previous 10 years many of the local mills had closed and the region which was previously recognised for outstanding fabrics and manufacturing.

Her final project was called ‘Can you still make a Flat Cap in Yorkshire?’ a tongue in cheek question which developed into the seed of an idea for a business. While researching the question Rhian discovered that the majority of the flat caps she found were either Made in China or Bangladesh. 

How can you possibly know the provenance of a cap made so far away and surely we must be able to make something with less carbon footprint nearer to home?

And so, KM Headwear was born.

Supporting Local Businesess

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Fabrics and Suppliers

We work closely with local mills and manufacturers to select fabrics and cloths which are high quality, beautifully crafted and unique colours.

Factories and Manufacturers

Provenance is at the heart of all we do. At every step we aim to promote quality manufacturing, traditional craftsmanship and hand finishing.

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